We wish to welcome gamers from all over the world to come join us!


Here at Earthbound Gamers, individuals from all over the world are welcome to come join us both in Discord and our Game Servers.


To provide the best experiences, we host all of our own games in-house via our own hardware.  This helps keep costs down.


We believe that all gamers both Casual and Competitive can join together and create the perfect community.


Want to see what is going on with Earthbound Gamers?  Give it a looksy below or click “News” up top!

Website Update

Hey guys, just another day for another update! Anyways, onward to the news as I am sure you are dying to find out. LOL! WEBSITE UPDATE I have been a[…]

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ARK Servers

Good morning ladies and gents.  Thus far, we have been running several ARK Servers for our community members.  However due to the inactivity on two of the five servers, I[…]

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Future of LAN Parties

Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood admin “Tazou” here… As of right now we have put out hosted events on hold, especially the LAN Parties. Unfortunately due to the legal and[…]

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